Here we have a truck with a base I can’t figure out what the hell it started as! It’s a retro truck, has a W emblem on that back that looks more like the WWE logo than anything. It’s not showroom anymore people!

It still needs some more blood and guts, razor wire, maybe some broken skulls jammed into the payloader but I’m really loving the direction this is going. I’ve finally sealer this one up with crazy glue but we all know that can change with the pop of a screwdriver!

I’ve contemplated turning this into a Warden themed “utility vehicle” but I’m still not sure or sold on the idea yet. I’ve really just been building for enjoyment so far, and not so much for making sure it’s Gaslands legal and meeting can requirements. That WILL be something we do in the future though after getting our toes a little deeper in the water here. That won’t take us long for sure!

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I've been crafting, building puppets and mascots, and all sorts of other things for the past 2 decades while enjoying TTRPG and heavy metal my entire life. Join me on the adventure of post-apocalyptic carnage!

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