Kids first car… Zombie

This is the kids first Gaslands car. I’ll get better with time identifying the cars we’re building but this one was a 2011 Mattel Nissan Skyline. Maybe it was from the Fast & Furious movies? I remember one of those movies had a Skyline. Heck, maybe it’s just a formerly badass car not hitting the Wasteland.

Zombie WIP

She spent a good while with those tiny hands getting to work. Her goal on her first car was simple as she told me… “I want to smash it up and make it look like it survived the apocalypse” and man, she’s getting it! I’m pretty sure she intends to keep this one a “stock” car that is just roughed up from a hard days drive on the Wastelands of Earth. We plan on doing some modified Gaslands drag racing soon so less will certainly be more for that.

Original “paint” if what is left can be called paint. Scratched up, sanded, hit with a leatherman tool… the works. She also wanted to try using metallic sharpies for her own form of weathering and also wrote zombie on the passenger door with a black sharpie. She wants to do a little more weathering so I’ll teach her how to use some weathering powders and paints soon enough.

Zombie is… reborn?

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