Gaslands first car duo complete

Father-daughter activities are the best. Add in a mutual love for Gaslands and that can turn into something totally awesome! This, for me, is that moment of totally awesome.

We worked on these together but the majority of her work was that 2012 Custom Ford Mustang USA Soccer edition. I helped with some of the supergluing but that was really it. The 1969 Plymouth Barracuda was all me, my first Gaslands creation.

I need to take some newer pics of these two since they have since been final coated and look a little more polished, yet crusty. Hard to explain but any Gaslander will know what I mean! It’s that delicate balance between showroom old and apocalyptic mayhem.

A lot went into these two. From etsy 3d printed parts we purchased when first getting into Gaslands, toothpicks, a dollar store strainer, 3d printed parts from our own printer, armature wire, and a lot of time and love.

Up next I think we need to get one of those cool spinning platforms everyone seems to be using to make the 360 videos, and a solid apocalyptic background to go with it.

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I've been crafting, building puppets and mascots, and all sorts of other things for the past 2 decades while enjoying TTRPG and heavy metal my entire life. Join me on the adventure of post-apocalyptic carnage!

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