Citristrip – Magic in a Bottle

Using the right supplies will save you a TON of time when working with Hot Wheels and converting them into your Gaslands creations! Citristrip is one of those tools that saves you tons of headache and gives you a pristine car body to work with. The best part is how incredibly easy it is to use.

What Is Citristrip?

CitristripĀ® Safer Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel Non-NMP is easy to use because it stays wet and active for up to 24 hours allowing stripping of multiple layers in one step.

This is my go-to item for stripping the paint off metal Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. There are faster alternatives that rely on harsher chemicals and since I do this with my kid, we go the slower and safer route.

Citristrip jar

The picture above is what my mason jar of Citristrip looks like. I use a mason jar so I can keep using the same batch for a bunch of cars before changing it out. I’ve kept the same jar for well over a month before cleaning it out and pouring in a new batch.

I’m lucky to have a slop sink so when I pull the car shells out I just have a bent piece of coat hanger, pull them out, brush them off in the sink while running water, and seal up the mason jar for next time.

I typically put the cars in the night before, seal up the jar, and let it sit until the next day when I’m crafting again. Only 1 car so far required any kind of additional cleaning and it was a 20+ year old hot wheels so who knows what kind of super-paint was on that sucker! Worse case scenario I use a small brush on a car where the loosened paint is stuck in the grooves with the water flowing and it cleans right up.

Citristrip cars

Final results above. These after pics hide nothing and it makes you realize some of these castings are so much more detailed than their paint jobs show. The quality of Citristrip is just the best for my needs, and it’s the one stripping agent I always recommend. Some people also brush it on and leave them out but in my house of cats that’s not a viable method!

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