Every site has a story… and this is mine.

First, there were dinosaurs.. ok ok, I won’t go there. The Airplane! fan in me starts almost every story that way.

Forged from raw machismo, hot glue, and some questionable Scandanavian roots in the 70s I was created. Living that typical 70s/80s life. Playing Dungeons & Dragons, riding my BMX bike to the local arcade, listening to my heavy metal cassettes, causing mischief. You know the drill. Chances are you have been down this same road a time or two. Welcome to the club!

15+ years ago I got into puppetry. Not 100% sure how, but I’m glad I did. Bought all the books available, joined the ONE large builders forum on the internet at the time, and had at it. A fun run indeed involving a website, YouTube channel, t-shirts and merch for sale. The works. It was fun while it lasted.

Eventually life (and a kid) took a more dominant portion of my time and the puppetry began to fade away. Too many hours between the creating, filming, laying audio tracks, etc. and with a new family it just had to take the back seat.

Flash forward to a year or two ago and my now young kid loves to do arts & crafts, play music, a little d&d, made her first puppet Flower, started her own sticker shop, and generally is the ying to my yang and we have a lot of fun building things together.

Why Dark Order Crafts?

She pushes me outside of what I would normally do. I was perfectly happy just keeping to ourselves, making it our little slice of time having fun. She dreams big and who am I to tell a kid no. With her persistence and persuasion we came up with a name, logo, and simple mission:


We like to have fun while crafting.


So let’s pursue that dream together. I’ll share my experience, projects, and stories. I hope you enjoy it and become a part of Dark Order Crafts yourself and participate with us along the way.

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I've been crafting, building puppets and mascots, and all sorts of other things for the past 2 decades while enjoying TTRPG and heavy metal my entire life. Join me on the adventure of post-apocalyptic carnage!

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